Blue_ruffle_scarf Blue Ruffle Infinity Scarf
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Made with soft, jersey knit, light-weight, breathable and stretchable fabric, these scarves are not only beautiful, but comfortable. This scarf is very versatile and makes a great gift whether you are looking for an accessory or a nursing cover (or both)! So many mom/baby gifts have a short life. They are used for a short time and put away. This scarf makes a fantastic gift because it doubles as a nursing cover. It is wide enough, to completely cover mother and baby while nursing. Simply open the scarf and surround yourself and baby for discrete and comfortable nursing. Infinity scarves can be worn long (simply drape around neck), medium (drape around neck twice, keeping one ring short and one ring long) or short (drape around neck twice, making each loop even). This beautiful scarf is lined with ruffles which are etched with silver shimmer. This scarf is solid and provides complete privacy while nursing.