20161204_222001 Blue Butterfly Blanket & Burp Cloths
Grower: The Krafty Kupboard
Price: $25.00 ( 1 blanket, 2 burp cloths)
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This gift set contains one baby blanket and two contoured burp cloths. Both are hand made with 100% cotton fabric and can be machine washed and dried. The blanket is made with a double layer of cotton flannel: white on one side with blue/green butterfly binding and blue/green butterfly print on the other side. This set is simply sweet and adorable for a little girl. It's a nice size for cuddling or swaddling and is quite warm due to the double layers. These are great for the car to place around baby or a toddler during winter months when it is cold but not safe to buckle them in their large winter coats. The size allows for coverage yet portability. They stuff into the diaper bag well. Blanket is about 35 in. X 35 in. The two burp cloths have one side made of cotton flannel and the other side made of cotton Terry cloth. These two fabrics together make these super absorbent. And the contoured design prevents them from falling off the shoulder while burping and allows for maximum coverage of the chest, shoulder.