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“Taste God’s Creation”
This is my motto. It’s meant to reflect the fact that our bodies are meant to eat food the way it was originally created by The Creator Himself. And if you give it a chance, you will find it tastes great and your body (especially your gut) will thank you.

Eating and preparing organic, whole, unrefined, fresh foods can be time consuming. But eating most pre-made and boxed meals, which are full of chemicals, salt, processed white flours and refined sugars, can take a toll on our health.

My goal: To provide food as God intended it to be… whole, organic, fresh, chemical-free and unprocessed. I package and prepare foods in a manner which limits or eliminates time spent preparing healthy food and snacks in the kitchen, making truly healthy eating possible for more families.

All of my products are made with ingredients which are organic, non-GMO, Certified Chemical Free and most originate from farms and farmers right here in the United States.

I personally prepare each package and mill all grains into flours weekly in my Licensed/Certified Domestic Kitchen. This certification through the state of Tennessee holds me to standards equal to (and in some cases higher) than commercial kitchens. So you can be sure all products are of the highest quality as I submit to regular inspections, abide by a long list of codes and regulations, and completed Domestic Kitchen Licensure Coursework through The University of Tennessee, something other food producers, restaurants and commercial kitchens are not required to do.

Most of my products are vegan and many are also gluten-free

Products include…
Various types of Pancake Mix, including Gluten free
Cornbread Mix
Various Soup Mixes
Chocolate Sauce
Trail Mix
Wheat flours (hard and soft)
Barley Flour
Rye Flour
Kamut Flour
Ground Oats (gluten free)

Join me and, “Taste God’s Creation.”

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